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Nice to meet you, my name is Pailliette Jerome borned in France.

Since 2006, I have been teaching Hatsumi Masaaki Sensei (the 34th Soke) of Togakure-ryu Ninpo in Kyoto.🔥The world has become unstable and the number of crimes has increased, and Japan is not safe and secure.I have to protect my family and myself and my life.Even women need ninja, martial arts, and ninja self-defense techniques! Ninjutsu is an ancient ninja martial art.

What about The Ninja,Shinobi no mono ?

What is a true Ninja? The Ninja, or shadow warrior, is often misrepresented in Ukiyo-e and manga, depicted holding a scroll of parchment Makimono in his mouth, interlacing his fingers to perform mudras seals and reciting magical formulas "Mantras," then disappearing magically in a thick white smoke. One might believe this scene to be real, but the true Ninja surpasses this simple folkloric representation of Japanese art.According to the grand master Hatsumi Masaaki, being a Ninja nowadays is above all about living fully in the present moment, being alive here and now, and being grateful for creation and the creator. Then, it is about adapting to all circumstances, controlling one's mind, body, and especially negative emotions, while preserving oneself from danger and being constantly vigilant and fair in one's actions and way of thinking.

The history of Ninjas or Shinobi no mono is long and ancient, full of mysteries. The origin of the Ninja remains obscure and unknown to this day, even for the greatest Japanese experts and researchers. The Bansenshukai, the Ninpiden, and the Shoninki, the three greatest collections of Ninjutsu and Ninjas, were written during the peaceful Edo period. They relate espionage techniques but not hand-to-hand combat techniques (Ninpo Taijutsu). The earliest Japanese writings mentioning the espionage activities of the Shinobi no mono date back to the time of Emperor Jimmu Tenno, then to Prince Shotoku Taishi

what is the real meaning of the japanese character 忍?

The Japanese character "Nin" 忍 is also read as "shinobi." Above its own constantly wandering coarse spirit, there is the sharp blade of the sword, which indicates that one must be constantly vigilant in one's way of thinking and acting. The slightest negligence of a spirit, arrogant ego, or incorrect attitude can lead to death by the sword's cut.This is the true meaning of the term 忍"Nin" or "Shinobu" for Ninja,Ninpo & Ninjutsu.

What's about Iga and Koga Ninjutsu Art ?

In order to become an expert in their discipline, the ninjas from the Iga and Koga Ryu Ninjutsu schools had to undergo, from a very young age, the rigorous training taught by the Ninja Hachimon or Bugei Ryu Juhappan. In present-day Japan, it is sad to note that there are no longer any descendants or master heirs of the Iga and Koga ninja schools capable of perpetuating the tradition of ninjutsu. These schools, which played a crucial role in the history and culture of Japan, are unfortunately on the brink of extinction. This information is clearly stipulated and confirmed in the "Bugei Ryuha Daijiten,武芸流派大辞典" the comprehensive dictionary of Japanese traditional martial arts

What is the Togakure Ryu Ninpo Happo Biken jutsu  ​?

(Taijutsu, Hicho jutsu, Nawa jutsu, Karate Koppo jutsu, Jutaijutsu, So jutsu, Naginatajutsu, Bojutsu, Jojutsu,Hanbojutsu, Senban nage jutsu,Shuriken jutsu, Katon jutsu, Suiton jutsu, Gunryaku Heiho,Onshin jutsu) The Togakure Ryu Ninpo Taijutsu clinch techniques are applied using natural full-body movements combined with breathing techniques. Ninjutsu is a complete, unconventional and evolving survival warrior art, linking man to nature and including a variety of techniques, such as hand and foot techniques, techniques using weapons. Some of them are still alive today.The art of the Ninja is to acquire the sense of power to live! The Ninja of yesteryear valued mastery of techniques more than his own life. His only mission was to gather secret enemy information without being captured

Ninjutsu Kyoto Fudoshin Dojo

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NinjutsuKyoto Infos Hours and Place training


Ninjutsu Kyoto Fudoshin Dojo


Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu Class & Ninja Training

Natural training place: Cherry blossom Forest

(Takaragaike Park Kyoto,Kokusai Kaikan terminal station)



Every Sunday: 10:00 to 12:00
Price: 2 hours_2,900 yen

1 month (4 times 11,000 yen)
Experience fee_1,900 yen

Admission fee_0 yen


Ninja Kids Kyoto

Suitable for 6 to 12 years old
Every Thursday 16:30-17:30

Price: 1 hour _ 1,500 yen

1 month (4 times 5,000 yen)
Experience fee_1,000 yen

Admission fee_0 yen

Ninja training clothes (made in Japan)

_2,000 yen

Youth class 12 to 18 years old

In preparation, please request

if you have any hope

Ninjutsu Kyoto private coach

Ninjutsu &  Physical & mental Trainer

1 hour_3,800 yen / 2 hours_6,800 yen

10 hours_35,000 yen / 20 hours_65,000 yen


Ten Chi Jin Ryaku No Maki
Togakure Ryu Ninpo Taijutsu Program

Ninjutsu Techniques adapted to all types of individuals and builds !


​🥷Kurama Yoshitsune Ryu Ninjutsu

Ninjutsu Programs
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Ninja Kids Kyoto
Do you want to become a Ninja Kid ? 

 Kids Class

Every Thursday


Children's class

6 to 12 years old

Youth Class

12 to 18 old years

Inspired by the Japanese tradition of ninjas, our Ninja classes for kids are designed to teach younger generations the fundamental values of Ninjutsu. Children will discover discipline, perseverance, respect, surpassing themselves, and self-confidence, while having fun with movements adapted to their age and abilities! Using the Ninja Kids Kyoto program, children learn to naturally use their bodies by learning animal movements, the fundamental basics of Ninjutsu such as walking and running stealthily and silently, jumping through games of endurance and agility. The spirit of Ninjutsu for the child consists of creating harmony of body, mind, technique, and its environment, of sharing with others sincere human relationships of empathy, compassion, wisdom , and friendship, to later approach more complex combat and spiritual techniques

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 Adult Classe

Every Sunday:10am-12pm

Location: Cherry blossom Forest (Takaragaike Park)


Start learning from the fundamental Togakure Ryu Ninpo techniques

Our Ninjutsu classes for adults are suitable for all levels and take place in the old-fashioned way, in an exceptional setting in the middle of the cherry blossom forest of Sakura no Mori, north of Kyoto. By joining us, you will be immersed in the mysterious atmosphere of nature, while learning the authentic Ninja techniques and spirituality passed down by the only grandmaster of Ninjutsu, Hatsumi Masaaki. Our courses are developed from the Ten Chi Jin Ryaku no Maki program, a complete learning manual from the Togakure Ryu Ninpo school of Bujinkan Japan. At your own pace and at your level, we will guide you through the practice of natural body movements "Taihen jutsu", close combat techniques "Ninpo Taijutsu", various striking techniques "Atemi", throws and immobilizations, strangulation techniques, use of Ninja weapons (Shuko, Gusari, Shuriken, etc.) and much more! Don't delay, join us now


Personal Trainer Ninjutsu 
According to your desires and needs, our personalized martial, physical and mental training program is designed and adapted for all motivated people wishing to learn, practice and progress !

17 years old in Japan, expert in the art of Ninjutsu and Ninjas, with over twenty years of experience teaching, training, and a deep understanding of the techniques and philosophy of the Togakure Ryu Ninpo school passionate about Bujinkan Japan, we also offer individual and group private lessons. Please book two weeks in advance before your visit to Kyoto. Our private Ninjutsu classes and various coaching offer a highly personalized experience to meet your specific needs. Whether you want to hone your skills, prepare yourself physically and mentally, or explore particular aspects of Ninjutsu, we are here to help. You can choose to take these classes outdoors, surrounded by nature in the Sakura no Mori forest and in the mountains for an even more immersive experience, or in a closed and secure space like the dojo (reservation of 3 hours minimum required)

Ninjutsu Kyoto Channel YOUTUBE

Contact Formular NinjutsuKyoto

Location: cherry blossom forest


〒606-0037 Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City
5 minutes walk from Kokusaikaikan station,


Thank you for your submission

NinjutsuKyoto Instructor profil

Instructor profile

Mr Pailliette Jérôme


ShidoSha (Instructor)

Togakure Ryu Ninpo Shoten no jutsu_edited.jpg
  • Resides in the northern district of Sakyo, Kyoto

  • Born in 1973 in the suburbs of Paris, France

  • Began martial arts at the age of 8 with Shotokan Karate

  • From the age of 15, dedicated himself entirely to the study and practice of Ninjutsu (Bujinkan)

  • Since 1999, has made numerous trips to Japan to improve his skills, attend classes and seminars, and receive instruction from Grandmaster Hatsumi Masaaki at the Bujinkan Hombu Dojo

  • Passionate about traditional Japanese culture and Mikkyo, he settled permanently in Kyoto in 2006

  • In 2010, began teaching Ninjutsu at the Kamigamo Kaikan Dojo and continues to teach in nature today

  • Has taught Ninjutsu and self-defense in various sports clubs in Kyoto

  • Participates in various articles and TV shows: Kyoto Shimbun, Sankei Shimbun, Kansai TV Yoi Don

  • Interviewed by Kyoto TV, etc.

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""Forget about glory, comfort, profit, and others' honors. In the shadows, remain true to yourself, and with an immovable spirit "不動心", cultivate a pure and sincere heart throughout your life. With knowledge and natural justice, advance on the path of awakening towards the divine light. Train every day and persevere as if it were the last, for only perfect mastery of Ninjutsu combat techniques can determine your true level, and facing danger allow you to stay alive." Jérôme Pailliette 🙏"

NinjutsuKyoto FudoShin Dojo
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